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Dr. Mualin's Avelar Liposuction/ Loose Skin Resection

Your Way to a Better Tummy

Buttock Augmentation | Liposculpting | Mini Tummy Tuck | Miami | Hollywood FLAfter years of practice and hundreds of deliveries Dr. Mualin had heard repeatedly the same complaints. Many of the ladies even after one delivery had fears that they would never see their tummy as it was previously. He sincerely wanted to ease women's anxiety in regards on how to deal with the excess fat, loose skin and stretch marks. After years of researching and attending trainings, symposiums and hands-on workshops inside and outside of the United States he finally found the safest way to achieve the best results. This is how dr Mualin came up with his own technique that uses  principles from the Avelar technique;   this technique  uses Liposuction to reduce excess fat and a customized skin resection depending on the womans body to remove the unwanted skin.

Why does Dr Mualin believe this is a safer version to a smoother and better shaped tummy

First this procedure can be done AWAKE, under sedation or under general anesthesia. It depends on the patient's preference and situation.  This procedure causes a lot less trauma in the removal of the excess and sagging skin. There is less bleeding and less scarring. The potential for  infections is drastically reduced and the downtime is minimized. So in other words this is the best technique he could create to have all potential problems reduced and still give women a nicer, smoother and, flatter tummy. 


Liposculpting has evolved over the years to become an extremely safe and effective procedure to remove excess fat and contour the body. Liposculpting is a perfect adjunct to many of our other cosmetic gynecologic procedures and can be performed in combination. Liposcuplting treats areas such as abdomen, pubis, flanks, waist, love handles, hips and thighs to create the desired body silhouette.

2Mini Tummy Tuck
It is a revolutionary minimally invasive approach to traditional tummy tuck that can solely and effectively eliminate excess skin and fat in the lower abdomen. This technique is combined with liposuction to create a more youthful abdominal silhouette. The recovery time for the mini tummy tuck is much quicker than the standard tummy tuck. The mini tummy tuck also aims to provide a shorter and more aesthetic looking scar than the traditional tummy tucks.


Buttocks Augmentation Via The Layered Autologous Fat Transfer Technique This Micro Fat Grafting is A More Permanent Approach To Fat Transfer

This technique of fat grafting harvests the fat via liposuction and transfers it to a desired area of the body such as the buttocks or labia majora. The result is a more rounded well defined and fuller buttocks.  This layering technique of fat transfer allows for a more permanent aesthetic improvement.



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